Developed a Virtual Reality (VR) training simulation, utilizing HTC Vive Pro Secure. VR training simulations are becoming increasingly popular in various industries as a way to provide immersive and realistic training experiences. This type of training allows individuals to practice and learn in a safe and controlled environment, which can improve retention and performance in real-world situations.
Responsibilities: ​​​​​​​
‣ Conduct visual designs, user research, ideation, user-flow definition, and hifi prototypes.
‣ Collaborate with other leads to develop inspiring storyboards to communicate design concepts to team members, cross-functional teams. and executives.
‣ Identify opportunities to push design and the boundaries of VR and XR interactions and experiences and re-define conventions of XR experiences.
Worked with a team of four to rapidly prototype an Augmented Reality (AR) application that allows learners to safely inspect and explore virtual IED components. The application includes three modes that introduce and challenge learners to recognize components across multiple models. The project timeline was 6 weeks. 
‣ Designed visual elements, wireframes, rapidly conceptualized AR interactions, and prototyped using Reality Composer, Blender, SwiftUI, and Reality Converter.
‣ Defined and outlined workflows, information architecture, and interaction models based on high-level feature definition and requirements. 
A VR application that is designed to facilitate the mission brief process through immersive, interactive experiences. By utilizing visual, sound, environmental, animations, and storytelling techniques, our application helps stakeholders and participants to analyze missions in a more engaging and effective manner.

Virtual Reality briefings are suitable for a wide range of industries, including military and aerospace. The design of the application is intended to be user-friendly and intuitive, allowing users to easily begin the process with minimal instruction.
‣ Full participation in the design process, including user research, ideation, defining workflows, and producing high-fidelity mockups.
‣ Coordinated and collaborated with a multi-disciplinary team of designers, researchers, planners, stakeholders, and engineers to generate design concepts and proposals as interactive prototypes. 
‣ Developed user flows, interfaces, and specifications to bring cutting-edge XR concepts and experiences to life.
Develop a mobile game, that incorporates STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) concepts and interactions. This project is designed to engage young players in learning and exploration through hands-on, interactive experiences in the fields of science and technology.
‣ Participated in the development of mobile game projects from the prototyping stage through to final asset refinement.
‣ Designing engaging and intuitive gameplay mechanics and levels Creating attractive and cohesive art style and visual design.  
‣ Integrating social features and multiplayer functionality Optimizing performance and minimizing load times 
‣ Testing and debugging the game to ensure smooth and bug-free gameplay
‣ Collaborating with a team of developers, artists, and designers to bring the game to life. 
‣ Maintaining and updating the game post-launch with new content, bug fixes, and balance changes
‣ Analyzing user testing feedback and metrics to inform development decisions and improve the game's retention and gameplay. 
‣ Mentor team members to provide guidance and educate on design principles, practices, and rationale. 
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