Hello there, I'm Sharm! As a seasoned Interactive Designer specializing in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, I excel in managing projects across different production stages. My expertise lies in close collaboration with engineers and stakeholders to deliver exceptional results.
Currently I am working as an immersive designer at Deloitte Consulting. Couple of months ago, I was in Nepal eating¬†a lot of momos ūü•ü¬†and scanning¬†3D historical sculptures.¬†
During my free time, I enjoy experimenting with Geometry Nodes in Blender, reading Immersive 3D Experiences by Renee Stevens, and studying on iOS swift development courses on Coursera. Lastly, I also signed up for my company's 401k, even though I don't think I could run that far.
Past Clients:
MHO Networks
Joe Biden's 2020 Presidential Campaign
Verizon Innovative Learning

Gyrate Media
USA Today
2021 MFA: Design and Technology - 
The New School, Parsons School of Design, New York City
2015 BFA: Communication Design - Pratt Institute, New York City
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